Jorge molina y carola baleztena

Jorge molina y carola baleztena

After leaving class

He also explained why he chose Rosario Flores’ song to announce the news on his social networks: «Well, she’s a good friend, it was perfect for her and it had to be something fun as I am and it came to me like that».

The jeweler, who already has a son and a daughter from his previous marriage to Bárbara Pérez Manzarbeitia, praises the actress for her witty way of announcing the news: «Carola found an original way to tell it. With this cheesiness of social networks, which is unbearable, she has found an original way to do it and it has a lot of merit. Rosario is a person we love very much, especially Carola considers her a good friend».

Jorge molina y carola baleztena 2021

«Juana is already here. Everything went very well. A new adventure begins,» wrote Emiliano Suárez, mentioning his wife, who shortly after republished the same snapshot in her stories.

«During a routine checkup, we were informed that the six-month-old baby we were expecting, was lifeless. Studies confirm that the fetus came with innumerable problems and that it would have been more than likely that the pregnancy would not have reached full term in any of the possible hypotheses,» Carola and Emiliano wrote then in their statement. From that moment on, both received hundreds of messages of support from their family and friends, who today celebrate the arrival of their daughter Juana.

Jorge molina y carola baleztena del momento

For this special day, which they will keep forever in their memories, the happy bride wore a simple cream-colored, tight-fitting outfit that showed off her prominent belly. The countdown to being a mother again has already begun, but she feels so good that she could not stop dancing the traditional waltz with her new husband. This image and many more were left by the happy groom in his Stories, as he wanted to share with his followers this moment that he has lived and that he had been wishing for so long. The couple got engaged some time ago in El Escorial, but it has not been until now when they have formalized their union.

The couple wanted to leave a picture of the place where they have celebrated their wedding banquet and it was a place where they could hardly be with their loved ones, due to the pandemic situation we live in.

Jorge molina y carola baleztena 2022

The actress from Alicante gave life to Barbara, but many of you probably know her better as the exotic Yasmina from «Al salir de clase». She has always been linked to acting and has participated in series such as «Javier ya no vive solo» and «Los misterios de Laura». In cinema she has worked with Álex de la Iglesia, in «Muertos de risa» and José Luis Garci, in «La herida luminosa», and in her profession she likes to create, play and imagine, and in her free time she likes to travel, enjoy her friends, family and discover new places. Aurora recognizes that she cannot live without a telephone since she lives in Madrid and her family and friends are in Alicante. Her favorite food is paella, stew and sweets.

Actress Vanessa Saiz played Menchu, a young woman who says goodbye to her family and all her friends: she is going to study in the United States thanks to a scholarship.she had previously worked in the series «Menudo es mi padre» and later participated in some chapters of «La verdad de Laura» and «La dársena de poniente».more recently, in an interview in 2010, she talked about an erotic products store she had opened in the capital with her brother as a partner.

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