Amanece que no es poco netflix

Amanece que no es poco netflix

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One of his favorite subjects has always been the Civil War, and more specifically its consequences. For this he decided to leave the comic tone, as he had done a decade earlier in ‘La lengua de las mariposas’, and face the conflict from a much more dramatic point of view. All this under the guidance of the illustrious Rafael Azcona. And it worked out very well, 15 nominations to the Goya Awards endorse it, where it also won in the category of Best Adapted Screenplay. Los girasoles ciegos’ tells the story of a Galician family with a pregnant and missing daughter and her republican boyfriend, with the father living hidden in a hole in his room, and with a young deacon immersed in a sea of doubts. In short, a myriad of entanglements that reflect the dramatic reality that so many families had to face in the post-war period.You can watch ‘Los girasoles ciegos’ on Amazon Prime Video and FlixOlé.

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This is a classic of the Coen brothers, who with a humor full of mockery, bitterness, irreverence and drama give life to a story in which a single act triggers a series of situations full of mishaps that happen to one of the most iconic characters of comedy, a failed bum bowling lover who gets into trouble after receiving threats from a group of thugs who mistake him for a millionaire. If you like to enjoy intelligent humor this is one option.

This is a French film that at first glance shows a complex and deep life drama through Francois Cluzet’s performance. However, the charisma of Omar Sy poses a series of funny quips and humanistic moments. The story revolves around two people who have nothing to do with each other but are forced to spend time together and live together to finally complement each other and create a bond of friendship. If you are not into commercial and pandering comedy, this is an excellent option to distract you and provide you with fine humor and have an entertaining and comical time.

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This film by Carlos Saura, starring Carmen Maura, Gabino Diego and Andrés Pajares, won thirteen Goya Awards out of the fifteen for which it was nominated. It is funny, with a typical Spanish story and with a cast of ten completed by actors like Pepe Sancho or Miguel Rellán.

This film, set in 1620, won eight Goya Awards, including best costumes. You will fall in love with its period dresses, the great jewels and the wonderful performance of the late Fernando Fernán Gómez.

The Day of the Beast is one of Reyes Abades’ masterpieces as a special effects specialist. It won him a Goya (as with Ay Carmela and Días Contados), as well as Álex de la Iglesia as a director and Santiago Seguro as a revelation actor. In total it won six Goyas, and is one of the Basque director’s jewels.

This thriller, starring Antonio Resines and José Coronado, is directed by Enrique Urbizu. And it delivers what it promises. La caja 507 is intense, its protagonists are immense and will keep you in tension throughout the film.

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There are days when you don’t feel like thinking about anything and you just want to forget about everything for a while. If you find yourself in one of these moments, what you need is a good absurd comedy to laugh non-stop.

There is nothing better than a bit of surreal humor to have a good time. Absurd comedies present us with situations far from reality in which irrational things happen that are tremendously funny. Because of this, it is difficult not to get more than one laugh out of them.

On Netflix, HBO and Amazon Prime Video you have plenty of comedies to choose from. When preparing this list we have made a fairly varied selection in which you will find laugh-out-loud movies that have become classics, such as Land As You Can, parodies like Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me, or feature films by legendary comedians such as the Monty Python.

The British comedy group Monty Python is one of the leading exponents of absurd comedy. The Life of Brian is their third film and one of their most successful, and it is available on Netflix for you to have a fun time.

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