Revista el mueble casas de campo

Revista el mueble casas de campo

House interiors

Whitewashed in orange with a maxi access door in dark wood and the touch of color of the woodwork of the windows, in mint green. Wrought iron furniture, plants, lanterns? Ideal, but only suitable for the daring! Seen on Pinterest.

A vintage style cottage, with porch, terrace and garden. Very spacious and with construction system in the manner of the old village houses, where wood is prioritized and the stone is arranged in masonry.Seen on Pinterest.

The fact of having two floors and gain in height is possible. In this case, the house gains in space; in addition, it has a striking yellow touch that contrasts nicely with the brown of the wood to offer a more exotic feel.Seen on Pinterest.

A typology that follows the traditional schemes, with wooden columns that simulate trees, as if it were a construction of artisan character, and a functional and basic interior format for day to day life. It is the typical house in the village where we like to go on weekends or for holiday retreats.Seen on Pinterest.

Rustic houses

In addition to the wallpaper, a lot of value is placed on the natural materials in the house, which make up the charm of the country house. Therefore, you can also include natural materials on the walls, so you can also opt for a stone or wooden wall. Especially a stone wall of the house walls gives off the charm of tradition and gives the room a touch of its own. A wood wall is especially appealing if it brings in old timbers that can also come from the house’s barn and tell a story. If you don’t have an old barn or masonry available at the time, you can also put up a stone or wood wall with new materials that you can find for little money at the DIY store.

The living room is the heart of the house and the room where you spend most of your time with your family and where you want to relax after a long and tiring day. Therefore, this room should radiate as much warmth, security and comfort as possible. This can be easily achieved by mixing textiles, wood and matching decorations.

Rustic style

The living area, framed by a carpet by Comercial de Moquetas y Parquets, is organized with an excellent layout that promotes chatting. The lamp with a maxi shade in eggplant is by Carina Casanovas. On the wall, a bookcase holds pottery vessels by María Lladó.

Far from formalism, the idea was to create a practical and charming space, designed for busy summer meals. A long table, by María Lladó, is complemented by colorful garden chairs, purchased at Carina Casanovas, as well as the cupboard. The chinaware is from Almería and the black matting is from Comercial de Moquetas y Parquets.

Next to the bedroom, an antique desk and a photograph by artist J.M. Llarbur. The armchair and the sphere of light come from María Lladó’s showroom. The carpet, from Comercial de Moquetas y Parquets. Simplicity with style

The sloping ceilings and exposed beams add charm to this room, with the bed framed with 18th-century French fireplace moldings. The fur blanket is by Javier Alcaraz and the antique linen sheets are from María Lladó’s showroom. On the bedside tables, lamps by Carina Casanovas.

Country houses

As the director of El Mueble, how do you think you should choose the furniture for your home? First of all, you have to let your heart guide you. Who hasn’t had a crush on a piece of furniture that later became the protagonist of your home? I believe in that impulse you feel when you fall in love with a particular piece. But I also know that, then, you have to ask yourself two basic questions: what do I want it for? and where am I going to put it? If the answer satisfies you, I’m sure that’s the piece of furniture you need. It’s important to buy pieces that you know will last and that you can combine with others in other styles.what advice would you give to renovate the house?the truth is that, at this point, I get a lot of inspiration from what readers tell me. The key is in the accessories: there is nothing like a few cushions, a quilt and some auxiliary pieces to make a room look new, without spending too much.

The Zen concept comes from a current of Buddhism that evokes balance and harmony and that can be perfectly transferred to the field of decoration. If we take into account that what we are looking for …

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