Lorena garcia espejo publico

Lorena garcia espejo publico

Lara álvarez

Finally, the young woman insisted on her commitment to visit the islands again: «My son already knows three islands, because his sister is going to know the first island, La Palma. Commitment here. You can attest». To these words, a collaborator of the program reacted: «There is not going to be enough island for so many people». To which she said: «I wish».

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Roberto arce

– A. I started doing radio in Cope, I loved radio. I remember that time very well. Let’s see, the situation was totally precarious, like all beginnings, but I learned a lot. I always say that you have to do local journalism, you have to start very low to know what journalism is. Being close to the people, talking to the direct source, that’s what makes you hardened. Then I went through phases when I was called by the television of Castilla-La Mancha.  First I was in Guadalajara, my hometown, and then I went to Toledo. I was a reporter, presenter?

When you are on television, as is my case now, you have to know how difficult it is for a reporter to understand what is happening when he or she goes out to record a news story. There are times when the level of demand is very high. From an office, many things are asked for, but you have to know what is happening in the street. That’s why, I repeat, the best thing that has happened to me is to have been able to start from the bottom.

It was something spontaneous, she explains. «When they told me I was pregnant, my automatic concern was: what do I do with the vaccine. They called me after 15 days and the first recommendation was: don’t get vaccinated, wait, not yet, it’s untested…. Everything was uncertainty, so when I had the doctor in front of me, I asked him the question as a patient asks his doctor. And I told it like this. I was worried, but it is true, it had a lot of repercussion».

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«When you POP. #15 weeks», the journalist has indicated next to a photograph in which you can see how her belly begins to take shape thanks to her future son or daughter is growing inside her.

The journalist, who has also made it clear in the snapshot how much she takes care of herself during these special and delicate moments by not removing her mask even when she is alone in the dressing room, has received congratulations from many of her followers who apparently had not yet received the happy news of her pregnancy.

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Susanna Griso received this weekend the award for Best Communication at the Diversa Global 2021 awards, focused on rewarding diversity, plurality and commitment to the LGTBI collective. There she starred in one of the most emotional moments of the night when she spoke about her brother Damián.

The Catalan journalist has already received at home the first electricity bill with the new prices and, as she says, she almost had a heart attack. «Has the electricity bill arrived? I’ve died with the bill, what a scare!

The President of the Government, Pedro Sánchez, took a break from his vacation this Wednesday to attend an event on the centenary of José Saramago. He also took the opportunity to talk about other issues, but did not refer to the rise in electricity prices, an issue of concern to citizens due to the record figures being reached this summer.

The delicate situation in Afghanistan occupies hours of television with only a week to go before international troops, led by the US, leave Kabul for good after the Taliban takeover of the capital.

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