Donde comprar cremor tartaro mercadona

Donde comprar cremor tartaro mercadona

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The cremor tartar is a compound called potassium bitartrate or also called acid salt. A white powder found naturally in plants but also in the world of wine formed after the fermentation of grapes and decanted at the bottom of barrels. In the food industry it is known as additive E-334.
Thus, cream of tartar is one of the ingredients of baking powder or booster which, in contact with flour and water, depending on the recipe, causes it to increase in volume. Thus, each sachet contains a mixture of baking soda, cream of tartar and sometimes corn starch, to prevent caking.
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Imagine that today we are ready to prepare some homemade pastries. We start preheating the oven, we place our ingredients on the counter, we weigh them, but wow! at the end of the recipe we are asked for cream of tartar, but what is that?
Well, cream of tartar is a white powder, with no specific flavor and whose chemical name is potassium bitartrate, an acid salt. It was first isolated in 1769 by the Swedish chemist Carl Wilhelm Scheele but is found naturally in many plants. It was already known to the Greeks and Romans, as it appeared as a sediment in wine barrels during the aging of wine as a by-product of the grapes, crystallizing at its base and forming a kind of crust.
Cream of tartar is used more frequently than we think in the food industry. It is the additive called E-334, and its use extends mainly as one of the ingredients of the chemical yeast used in baking, in the wine industry as a corrector of the acidity of wine, as well as for the elaboration of carbonated beverages such as soda. It is also used in candies, confectionery, chewing gum, vegetable preserves, marmalades, brines, sauces, dehydrated soups and other products.

Donde comprar cremor tartaro mercadona del momento

Cream of tartar or potassium bitartrate is the acid salt of the potassium salt of tartaric acid. It has probably happened to you as it did to me, and if I tell you that it is a carboxylic acid, it does not get any better. You can find it in the composition of processed foods under the name of E-334 or E-336.
Potassium bitartrate is naturally present in some fruits, such as grapes, berries and tamarinds, and crystallizes in wine barrels during the fermentation of grape juice. After fermentation of the fruit, once extracted and purified, it is converted into a light white powder that is used as a stabilizer in cooking, among other uses.
The best known use of cream of tartar is as a stabilizer for egg whites beaten stiff, which ensures a firm, better-formed and more stable meringue; but there are other uses you may not know about:
Cream of tartar can be found in establishments specialized in professional kitchen ingredients, so it will be easier for you to turn to e-commerce and look for an online store where to buy it. I leave you two good references: María Lunarillos store and El Cocinista; both links go directly to the product so you can compare and buy in the store that suits you best.

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