Descargar peliculas españolas de estreno

Descargar peliculas españolas de estreno

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Here are not all the ones you can watch but many of the most interesting ones that are available on the streaming platform and that we can watch online or download to watch offline during a train ride, on a plane or during the vacations.
The sequel to The Other Side of the Bed follows the same musical comedy scheme. A group of friends and their partners have problems and the solutions they come up with to remedy them are the craziest. With songs by Alaska, Loquillo, Los Ronaldos or Tequila, the characters show how they feel and the script of the film is spun. Many of the protagonists of the first film are repeated in the second, which is less festive and more focused on tolerance.
This film based on the novel of the same name by Dulce Chacón is set in the post-war period, at the time of Franco’s repression against Republicans who fought in the civil war and all kinds of opponents of the dictatorship. This film is about an imprisoned woman, Hortensia, who is pregnant. Her sister, Pepita, moves from Andalusia to Madrid in order to be near her sister and meets a former guerrilla fighter. Pepita will try to do everything possible to keep her sister’s daughter, who is condemned to death, and take care of her as part of the family. A tough film that won three Goya awards.

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Álvaro Cervantes plays Adri, the main character in Loco por ella, the new romantic comedy directed by Dani de la Orden. Madly in love with Carla (Susana Abaitua), the young man will do everything possible to conquer her, including entering the psychiatric center Los Sauces, where she lives, and incidentally, writing the best report of his life for Load magazine.The records of ‘Loco por ella’ on Netflix
Adrián (Jordi Sánchez) and Nadia (Silvia Abril) are the two members of an unhappy marriage, who can no longer bear to stay together. After getting divorced, they will have to continue living under the same roof as they can’t find a buyer for their house. They cannot leave the house because neither of them has enough money to move to another place. This situation will lead to constant misunderstandings between the two of them and to numerous crazy situations.
A group of outlandish passengers travel from Madrid to Mexico City in a plane whose crew is absolutely grotesque. During the flight, a serious breakdown causes the business class passengers, finding themselves inevitably on the verge of death, to feel inclined to reveal the most intimate affairs of their lives. All this will lead to a chaotic and crazy comedy.

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There is the possibility to watch the selected movie up to three times in three months; to watch the movie as many times as the user wants during the seven days following the first viewing; or the option ‘Yours Forever’, so that the license can be downloaded up to three times and thus be able to watch the selected movie in more than one computer (as long as it has a Windows Media Player version 10 or higher).
In addition to the selected work, which can be enjoyed with «perfect image and sound quality and without the threat of viruses», the user will have access to a complete file with technical data, synopsis and a trailer of the selected film. Users can also read the opinions of other users about the film and issue their own opinions.

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There is no doubt that movies and series have a good space within the world of entertainment and that it is also a pastime chosen by many to overcome boredom, as it turns out to be an economical activity that can also be obtained from different places just with an internet connection and a screen. Here are some online sites where free and downloadable series and movies are offered.
The same also covers various genres and are available to watch and download a wide range of movies such as, Giant Slayer, A Star is Born, The Black Swan, Final Destination, Sherlock Holmes and more.

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